Review 6

51st Shade of Scotland. What a lush little cottage. it’s a short drive out of the village, through farm gates and wotnot so it’s super private and peaceful. have a car with high clearance from the road and you’ll be grand getting there. i stayed here with my mate for a few days for a “work from home getaway” and totally got away with it. wifi was tip top for both of us, both on video calls at the same time. TV has all the usual bad-habit binge platforms and the beds look suspiciously like Get Laid bases. super comfy. compact, peaceful, beautiful, and bizarrely well connected. Loving the sustainable toiletries. Local pub and tea room are bonus factors (pub is a walk, tea room is through a few lush villages to the actual end of the road). Stone’s throw from Skye via ferry and many a hill to stroll up. Thanks Chris. see you next time!

Dan, UK